Welcome to the Slider Man – your future street food business.


Slider Man is a Food Truck Concepts that brings together juiciness, tastiness and most of all street food vibes. We’ve created for you Menu, Branding, Uniforms and more – everything just to help you to start your catering business within a week.


Simple but it stands out.

Represents the type of cuisine well and very clear what type of food is served, even from afar.

Quirky look to attract even the youngest foodies.


Menu has been created to bring out the freshness, tastiness and attractiveness of your regular burger, BUT with a twist.

We were thinking about queue management too – it is affordable to the customer as well as easy and clean to consume.

These menu items have been tried, tested & proven through the award winning Blasta Street Kitchen.


Casual well branded uniform

Trendy Modern Street Food Attire


Food Catering Trailer

Unique Shape, Easily Branded & Eye-Catching


Small but functional 2.8m Pod. Easy to clean. Weatherproof.

Fully Electric (6800kw power)