Welcome to the Hungry Hipster – your future street food business.

Hungry Hipster is a Food Truck Concepts that brings together freshness and healthiness of vegetables, and most of all street food vibes. We’ve created for you Menu, Branding, Uniforms and more – everything just to help you to start your catering business within a week.


Simple but attractive.

Represents the type of cuisine well and very clear what type of food is served, even from afar.

Quirky look with a veggie twist.


Menu has been created to bring out the freshness, tastiness and attractiveness of vegetables, BUT with a twist.

We were thinking about queue management too – it is affordable to the customer aswell as easy and clean to consume.

These menu items have been tried, tested & proven through the award winning Blasta Street Kitchen.


Casual well branded uniform

Trendy Modern Street Food Attire


Food Catering Trailer

Unique Shape, Easily Branded & Eye-Catching


Small but functional 2.8m Pod. Easy to clean. Weatherproof.

Fully Electric (6800kw power)