We offer a complete service, marketing and sales support, Branding and Design, but also consultancy on how to maximise your output & revenue.

As Part of Streat-School, we can extend our services to a wide range of Clients, including but not limited to


  • Food Truck Startups/Pre-Startups.

  • Existing Food businesses that want to pursue a second revenue stream

  • Pub owners who would like a food truck concept of their own.

  • AgriFood businesses that want an eyecatching & quirky food truck or trailer for trade shows & events /Tastings.

  • Craft Beer or Alcohol companies who want to stand out from the crowd at shows & events.

  • Shopping outlets & malls who can add a street food offering without the expense of using valuable retail space for a kitchen or restaurant.

We are a one stop, Street Food Shop, covering everything from:


  • Your custom made (or preloved)food truck or trailer

  • Catering equipment

  • Branding or re-branding your business.

  • Menu planning & costing

  • Supply chain management

  • Introduction to EFFECTIVE social media marketing

  • Development of retail products etc.