Seany & Nikita graduated in 2012 And spent almost 5 years working & travelling through 20+ countries before returning to Ireland. They grew obsessed with street food culture and how it brought people & communities together.

Upon returning,the pair established Blasta Street Kitchen, simple ,exciting street food, using the best of Irish Produce. After a successful first few years in business, Blasta Street Kitchen had numerous awards,plenty of national media coverage , and even a Guinness world record under their belt.

It was only a matter of time before street food enthusiasts began to approach Seany & Nikita seeking advice & mentoring on setting up a Food Truck or Catering company. Since early 2019, the pair of Foodpreneurs have helped set-up over 40 street food businesses in Ireland and UK for others startups.

At the moment we are offering a complete service, 1 hour of marketing and sales support, including the supply of our unique trailers but also how to maximise your output & revenue.

We can help you with a Concept Creation and Design + Branding services as well, with a cost of €500 (7 hours max.), that is done by our in-house experts.

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